New application development, conceptualization, migration and support & maintenance.
Improve platform technologies and functionality of existing applications, enhancing its use and simplifying the end-user access.
Technological platforms are able to operate between them without affecting the client.
Project rescue, research, knowledge transfer in development and innovation about new technologies, projects and market trends, customers and suppliers on issues related to information and communication technologies.
Inbound and outbound campaigns, quality control and all contact center services.

Contact Center Service

When outsourcing services with us, our customers focus and strengthen the core of their business. They also significantly improve their image towards the customer, by having specialized agents for each of the services, we can ensure that they will always be taken care of properly and that their concerns will be resolved promptly.

Therefore, companies that employ Arkkosoft Contact Center services, access to permanent advice in the definition, management and maintenance of the services we provide, to go adapting them in time according to the changing needs of the company and its customers.


Help Desk

Designed to offer technical support to all users, with expertise in both troubleshooting and technical solution.

With companies that need support within their organization, marketing products, or services that require technical or operational support at user level, in mind, the Arkkosoft Contact Center offers a comprehensive mix of Tables Technical Assistance, with different care levels to solve diverse problems such as:

  • PC Configuration
  • Mobile Support
  • Servers Configuration
  • Router Configuration
  • End to end support
  • Help desk applications

Cutting-edge Technology

We use the latest technology for incident recording and management, failure identification or determination of priorities and assignment of requirements according to degree of complexity; the new solution called Service Desk has already been tested by different companies and it can now ensure the continuity of operational business services or equipment, improving productivity and user satisfaction substantially.

Additional Services

The Service Desk solution incorporates a group of services which as a whole help ensure continuous improvement in the services and technological processes of the company. The services are:

  • QA
  • Customer service processes
  • Analysis of data

Customer Service

Inbound / outbound call services designed for companies wanting to offer a more comprehensive and personalized service to customers with a wide range of requirements.

It is designed for companies that need to provide personalized attention to customers through 800 numbers, e-mail and web pages, among others. It consists of receiving incoming or inbound calls made by customers to a service platform and a specific service.

Some of the customer service competencies are::

  • General Information: Global business information is delivered in a standardized form for each type of query. Detailed information -such as product pricing, product launches, care providers, state and payment of invoices- is also provided, among others.
  • Care Claims: Reception and classification of claims, delivery of online solutions and, if required, subsequent contact with the customer. Improves call response times and problem solving.
  • Order Processing: Inbound service through which the agent performs online receipt of requests for products or services from customers. They will then deliver these requests to the company for their distribution.
  • Operators Tables: These are care services center tables through which queries are answered and calls are derived to internal annexes.

Campaigns Sale

For companies wishing to develop an additional sales channel by means of a network composed of trained agents acting as a telemarketer platform. Arkkosoft Contact Center features a services mix designed to increase sales or improve associated costs by using telephone platforms and trained agents that guarantee a closure both successful and of quality.

For those planning to reinforce their On-site sales channels, expand their sales force and support the management of their field sales, Arkkosoft Contact Center offers a solution for business Sales Management, which is a group of services targeted to sell, promote or motivate customers to buy their products or services.

In other words, an additional channel to contact or be contacted by clients with defined and proven processes that ensure the successful closing of a sale by telephone agents with marketing skills, reinforced with specific training on the product or service that will be sold and work incentives based on goals.

Simultaneously, the agents are monitored to detect the best sales practices, training needs, and regulate that each operation takes place within the parameters required by the client.

Arkkosoft Contact Center offer includes three areas: Telemarketing services aimed at sale or presale campaigns by trained telephone agents to make and close each transaction, scheduled on-site sale visits for a more productive management based on customer time availability and telemarketing campaigns either for launching new products or exclusive promotions.

Among the main advantages of Arkkosoft’s selling platforms, those that stand out are flexible time, greater ability to address major campaigns, management reports, control over what you want to communicate in each campaign or promotion, and use of technology that determines when and at what time to call the customer without being inconvenient, facilitating opportunity and the closing of each sale.

If we add our technological capabilities and expertise to manage each contact, determine the profile of the customer who buys, or manage objections, the company will not only guarantee a successful closing of the sale, but also a quality one, which translates into a satisfied customer.

Technological Services

Designed for companies in need of internal human resources management but prefer to transfer technology to the expert administration, technical management and operational management of a call center.

Additionally, Arkkosoft Contact Center focuses on customer satisfaction with reliable and scalable solutions for business process outsourcing.

Our services are based on best market practices and include metrics of quality and efficiency.

Document Scanning

Arkkosoft Contact Center offers Scanning Document services to transform paper documents into electronic documents and gain control of information with the following solutions:

  • Mass document scanning, at customer offices or Arkkosoft’s.
  • Scanning and treatment of old documents.
  • Document imaging system to query information from anywhere via the Internet, intelligent searches, printing in real time, and online generation of reports and statistics.

Contact Center Specialized Services

Arkkosoft offers specialized contact center services through several channels such as Web, mail, fax and call-back. Arkkosoft Contact Center develops a specific service for each case in order to generate added value for the products and services provided to customers.

The services include:

  • Inbound campaigns
  • Customer Support
  • Technical support
  • Billing
  • Telephone Research
  • Collection and Support

Outbound campaigns

  • Telemarketing
  • Appointments management
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Payment reminders
  • Credit and collection
  • Prospect Leads