New application development, conceptualization, migration and support & maintenance.
Improve platform technologies and functionality of existing applications, enhancing its use and simplifying the end-user access.
Technological platforms are able to operate between them without affecting the client.
Project rescue, research, knowledge transfer in development and innovation about new technologies, projects and market trends, customers and suppliers on issues related to information and communication technologies.
Inbound and outbound campaigns, quality control and all contact center services.

Mobile Applications

We have been working to expand our knowledge and experience in order to continue to grow and evolve into new technologies and market demands. Therefore, we have specialized in different mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry; for these we have achieved the following developments:

MVP System (Electronic Payment Window)

A smaller version of the VEP (Window Electronic Payment) system. Allows queries to phone receipts pending payment, payment of a selected receipt, and reversal in case of a mistaken payment, all done in line with the billing system. The integration of mobile applications was performed using a back-end to act as an intermediary with the billing system.

  • The application was developed in Grails, which has a group of REST services and is accessed from the mobile device through JSON messages. In addition, the back-end is integrated with the billing system. In order to make this a service in ICE’S ESB, they were re-used; the access to them was made through WebSphere MQ, and made to send and receive text messages. Since the technology used to develop the back-end (Grails) has native APIs to manage WebSphere MQ (a compatibility layer) allows reusing existing API for the Java language.

iPhone / IPAD 1155

This application allows users to access information from the Costa Rica Yellow Pages from your iPhone / iPad. This development is based on a 3-tier architecture:

  • IOS Implementation: The application itself is installed on the iPhone / iPad.
  • Backend: Application developed using agile development Grails. This application interacts with the server through Restful web services using JSON as a language for exchanging information. Also it interacts with the web system via SOAP.
  • System: The system contains Yellow Pages information. Exports a set of web services SOAP type to allow access to information.


DIGITAL SERVICES FOR COLLEGIATE DOCTORS. Developed for mobile and tablets (Android and iOS).


Geolocation is a system that allows you to search for places of interest in a Google Map on a mobile device, based on search criteria. SISU can refine your search according to several criteria: category, distance, number of results. The system allows the possibility of directing the telephone call, open the website in the browser of the mobile device or open the application to mail a message. For front-end development, Android and Java technologies were used. A back-end using Grails accessed through RESTful services and messages in JSON format, was implemented. Backed by Google, Android is growing rapidly in mobile phones, Tablets, E-Readers, Netbooks and televisions.

OLR System (Radio OnLine):

An online radio player. Application integration is performed with a back-end API which was developed outside the consortium (SHOUTcast). It was necessary to discuss the different options available and select the most appropriate for a mobile platform, and the final selection was to use RESTful services in conjunction with XML messages.