New application development, conceptualization, migration and support & maintenance.
Improve platform technologies and functionality of existing applications, enhancing its use and simplifying the end-user access.
Technological platforms are able to operate between them without affecting the client.
Project rescue, research, knowledge transfer in development and innovation about new technologies, projects and market trends, customers and suppliers on issues related to information and communication technologies.
Inbound and outbound campaigns, quality control and all contact center services.

Web Applications

Web applications dynamically generate a series of pages in a standard format such as HTML or XHTML, supported by common web browsers. Interpreted languages on the client side, such as JavaScript, Java, Flash, etc., are used to add dynamism to the user interface elements.

From this, Arkkosoft has successfully developed a number of projects in this technology, thereby achieving extensive experience in web technologies most in demand in the market, such as Java EE, .NET, Ruby On Rails.

In Java, we have relied on tools such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, agile tools: Grails and Spring Roo, RIA (Flex, GWT). In the case of .NET, we have worked with ASP.NET ADO.NET, SilverLight. Meanwhile, we have more recently been given the task of working with, and successful outcomes from, Ruby On Rails.


ITS Infocomunicaciones had the need to create an application for the Development of IPTV messaging widget. This system was successfully developed by Arkkosoft, and it contains the following features:

  • Allows a contact list
  • Add a new contact to the list
  • Delete a contact from the list
  • Send a message to a contact
  • Send a message to a contact group
  • Receive messages from other contacts
  • Group contacts into categories

The main operations that can be performed are the following:

  • It has a browser from which any website can be visited. For now, however, it does not support Flash animations or anything in JavaScript..
  • Companies that develop websites with this form of IPTV will enable all Internet transactions through the TV..
  •  It allows email and Twitter account checking.
  • The Channel Guide allows to see what is scheduled in the next 7 days from the current time.
  • Program recording options are offered:
  • Indicate what time is the desired program to be recorded, regardless of whether the program will be seen or not, or even regardless of whether the TV will be on or off.
  • Record the program on the hard disk of the decoder 530.
  • Record the program on ICE servers.
  • You can also manage recording a football game and watch it on deferred with only a minute delay compared to real-time.
  • You can set program alerts to indicate when the selected program starts.
  • In this case, it is possible to ask to tune the channel when the desired program starts, or simply receive a warning to indicate the program will start.
  • Plan “Pay per view”, and amounts are charged to the bill monthly.
  • The service may also include the so-called Triple Play: Three in one, TV, Internet and telephony. The phone can also be sent through the IP cable and, if the application is developed, you can handle calls from the TV.
  • It will also allow posting ads at the bottom of the TV.
  • As it is possible to interact with contacts, services may be requested. For example, a client may ask the hotel reception a service or food at the restaurant through the TV.
  • Through a user name and password, it is possible to define user profiles in which different channels may be restricted per each user.
  • You can also create groups of channels according to the preferences or themes, such as: Sports, Novels, Movies, Comedy, Preferred, etc.
  • Allows the registration of contacts and interaction with them through an instant-messaging application.

SEDIMEC (Digital Services For Collegiate Doctors)

It consists of a web application in the cloud for the automation and control of processes and procedures performed by licensed physicians. It allows all users to access the information each requires. This modular system in Java web includes functionality for medical reports, allowing the inclusion of new features when required. The web platform allows access from any PC equipped with a web browser and an Internet connection;  it will also eliminate the need for the distribution of updates to the system, thereby reducing maintenance costs. This type of service is similar to SaaS (Software as a Service), with the difference that this is dedicated to the College of Physicians and built to fit their particular needs.