Promotion of the digital governance and open data project, and of the digital transformation in the Republic of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica public purchases indicators

Costa Rica public purchases indicators


Costa Rica


Colegio de Médicos

Installation of a digital portal which permits access to information on what public agencies purchase and when they do it.

This platform is developed on the basis of standards that must satisfy the main information needs of suppliers, purchasers, researchers, and the citizens in general, and help with the analysis of data concerning public purchases. The goal is to expose all the data that a public administration generates in order to the citizens and corporations access to the information and be able to reuse it.

Products and technologies:

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Power BI business intelligence

Azure SQL Datawarehouse

Sanitary business rules management system

CMS WordPress

Pure View data governance

Analysis services

Oracle 19c database


Publication of data sets through upload or a network interface, as well as the possibility to insert metadata.

Data search

Data visualisation


Permanence in geospatial interaction: the platform permits the search for geospatial data on a map by zone.

Acquisition of statistics and metrics used in connection with the data sets.

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BIAN adaptation services

Consulting and advisory services for adaptation of BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network), the preferred option for the design of banking services (either for commercial or developing banking); this would be done under such standard, including the incorporation of corporate services as per a service-oriented architecture.

Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation


Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation

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