The world of interoperability is the gate to a large number of business opportunities

Disengagement of Monolithics – Integration

The world of interoperability is the gate to a large number of business opportunities.

Thanks to interoperability, any systems that you may require can communicate with each other in a standard manner. It is also the path that leads to the activation of your business' omnichannel capability.

Arkkosoft activates Open Banking, Open Finance, or multisectoral, collaborative business domains through APification.

The adoption of modern applications must not be limited to their architectures; choosing the best market solutions and the coexistence with solid legacy systems must be allowed through conversation without friction among them.

The explosion of personalized digital channels, whether self-owned or owned by third parties and subject to the customer's specific experiences and its preferences, demands the exposure of services to an unlimited potential of accesses; it is, therefore, necessary to ensure and govern through API Management solutions..

The automation of corporate processes within the organizations increases productivity and reduces operative loads, thus incrementally enhancing the user's experience. Pragma's business automation service improves the user's experience by offering agility and precision in the processes, greater trustworthiness, and a reduction in care time. Arkkosoft assesses the current status of the processes identifying those improvement opportunities that may guarantee greater value for the business and through which operative loads, delivery time and errors shall be reduced. Arkkosoft offers an agile iterative and incremental cycle depending on priority, as well as the design of the minimum viable product that shall generate short business value deliveries. BPM- Optimisation of business processes management ODM- Automation of operative and strategic decisions. RPA- Arkkosoft designs your RPA architecture. It helps you in the transition from development to production. Arkkosoft builds all kinds of robots. Arkkosoft works with technology.

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Looking to the Future

For this last quarter, Arkkosoft requires to employ 30 people for different IT positions. The company’s new digital channel was launched today.

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Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation


Arkkosoft walks you through the process towards digital transformation

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