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Challenges of the Service Desk in Real Life?

Why do service desk-type solutions promise to “do more with less resources” but companies do not see the benefit reflected in their everyday activities? Most companies set up a corporate service desk with the hope of offering a better consolidated customer or user service and a better level of service. What they end up with in reality, however, is many complaints and more service desk assistants. In reality this becomes a “doing less with more resources” sort of thing.

We often pay attention to the wrong indicators; for instance, percentage of contacts serviced, contacts lost. What we do is simply demand that these indicators become more positive while each month the situation is not only not solved but becomes worse. Why?

Which is the real challenge? Is it worthwhile to have a service desk?

As it occurs with most methodologies, this depends on how it is set up; it is not a magic trick.

What do you have to assess when you are looking for an associate for the service desk?

Reduction in The Volume Of Contacts
iven that all companies are adding new services and reaching more and more customers, the service desk team must be intelligent when it comes to determining how to reduce the contact with customers and users. For instance, adding functions to the current application. Banks learned this during the pandemic: many operations that had to be done physically at a bank branch can be made now using their application for smart phones. If your customer care service starts to require automation and new options in the applications or their equivalents, it will be because you are on the right track.
Correct Tools of The Service Desk
What is common is for companies to acquire service desk tools based on recommendations or on advertising. This is risky: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. They should verify that any tool that they are about to acquire will actually reduce contact with the customers, since, in the end, this will translate into less assistant-hours. Google and Microsoft are good examples of this: they make it evident that there is no option to communicate with a clerk in order to be able to change a password or to unblock a user account. Both services have activated the option for the users to perform these operations through the web, as well as through mobile applications.
Improving The First-Time Rate
The service desk can handle thousands of contacts, but one key indicator in this area is whether a solution is accomplished during the first-time contact. When clerks are instructed to spend the shortest possible time with a contact, they will try to close the call as soon as possible without prioritizing the solution for the customer or user. One extended first contact is better than two or more contacts. The service administrator and its assistants must prioritize finding the solution to the problem during the first contact. In the end, the customer or user will be satisfied and in the long term, the volume of contacts will be reduced.
Service desk solutions are tools, not the final solution. Businesses change from day to day. When looking for an associate for the service desk, no attention should be paid to "features" or "promises." It's like with television advertising, all offer but no one knows which the real solution is. It's the individuals/customers who have to be asked who actually got a change or improvement; which was the origin of the improvement; which were the guiding indicators that led to a reduction in costs.
The customer care service must not accept the challenges in an isolated manner; the offer of a "solution" by an associate without thinking about integrating it into the company's services should raise an alarm: this could be the wrong way to go.
The right provider will offer integration, intelligent changes, and evolution to help improve your service desk in the long run. Only then can a service desk reinforce its experience for the benefit of its users or customers.
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